Our story

Yellow Jade a type of gem stone that has meanings and properties of many things that our founder believed translated into the epitome of success in business, and what we do for our clients and our employees daily. Yellow Jade Acquisitions was chosen as our name to represent our vision and to help remind us of those principles each day.


Known to ward off negativity and give the power to overcome weakness of mind.

We aim to create a positive environment for our people to thrive while nurturing their minds and careers.


If you need to stop relying on others and need to take back control in your life, Yellow Jade can help.

We give our employees the opportunity to do just that through career advancement.


It’s though to be the perfect stone to carry for those who need to achieve certain results and helps capitalize on the flow of luck.

We encourage people to take the chance, the risk, the leap and not miss out on opportunities.


If you want to enhance the good luck and fortune in your life, you should carry a piece of Yellow Jade.

We aim to be that “gem” for our clients and people.


This gemstone is good for those who are looking for a competent leader or mentor, knowing that personal growth will speed up drastically with a good model of success.

Our success model has proven to be effective for not only our employee’s professional growth but also our clients’.


Yellow Jade helps build the toughness needed in order to achieve success and reduce the amount of energy wasted.

Not only do we help our employee’s develop mental toughness through our leadership training, but as an outsourced vendor, we help our clients reach their growth targets while keeping their efforts and overhead at a minimum.


This is also an effective stone if you desire more wisdom and to live a full and long life.

Our goal is to grow for years on end to help our clients and our people do the same.