Our Mission

To nurture the minds of those who seek opportunities to grow and to help them reach their goals. We accomplish this by developing our team in multiple aspects of business and groom them into successful leaders.


About Us

Yellow Jade Acquisitions helps our clients build strong relation with new customers through delivering experiences geared more towards each individual customer. We work and perform with integrity and focus on creating leadership mentality in our people to help us and our clients grow exponentially. We pride ourselves in delivering top notch results consistently. Within our company we focus on the development of our people as we strive for them to constantly learn and grow into the person they want to be.


results with integrity

When you partner with Yellow Jade Acquisitions you can rest assured that their brand is in the most professional, well-trained, and morally sound hands.

ongoing representative training

In an ever-changing industry, keeping our team up to speed and thoroughly trained is one of our top priorities. Our ability to implement new strategies and promotions quickly will keep you ahead of your competition.

customer first attitude

We know that your most valuable asset is your customer and we are fully committed to ensuring that they are treated with respect, honesty, and have a great over-all experience.

growth oriented strategies

The strategies that we will bring to your brand will have one underlying theme: growth. Our expertise lies in the growth of brand recognition, customer acquisition and retention, and market share.


Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.

Ken Poirot



Our Story

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Get Involved

Yellow Jade Acquisitions is growing rapidly for a multitude of reasons. Companies love the results they see when partnering with Yellow Jade Acquisitions, employees are proud of the work they are doing and the amount that they are growing professionally, and the services we provide will never become obsolete! See how you can get involved below.


Internship opportunities

We offer year-round internship opportunities, paid and unpaid, to gain valuable experience and college credits. Click below for more information.

career opportunities

Fundamental training, on-going mentoring, and a clear advancement path based on merit make our career opportunities unlike most others.

client opportunities

Does your brand need professional representation to grow your market-share? Inquire below about client opportunities.