Working at Yellow Jade Acquisitions

At Yellow Jade Acquisitions, we focus on the training and development of our employees to ensure they are equipped with the skills needed to succeed; not only in their current position, but also for further growth opportunities. We’ve designed a thorough training model to do just that and implemented a performance based component to provide fair and timely advancement to those who are willing to achieve it. We cater learning strategies to each individual in order to magnify their strengths and offer a hands-on support system to guide them the entire way. Below are some of the principles and skills that Yellow Jade Acquisitions employees can expect to experience and learn.

Psychology of sales

learning through hands on training how to break down sales and techniques to increase volume

Building rapport

hands on training on best practices to build strong rapport with customers, clients, and peers

Public speaking and presentations

gaining confidence in public speaking skills and developing effective presentation delivery techniques through repetition and going at an individual’s own pace for comfort


learning how to read corporate financial reports, process payroll, and budgeting

executive level training

opportunity to travel to meet with successful entrepreneurs in the industry

brand optimization

focus on online presence, social media, and SEO to increase brand awareness

consulting for clients

strategize and suggest solutions based on customer demographics in specific markets, keeping clients informed

market management

oversee a market for one of our clients and ensuring that the team is set up for success in all aspects.

learning different leadership styles

classroom training followed by application for learning how to coach different individuals.

time management

learning how to prioritize time to accomplish all tasks and responsibilities

campaign management

learning how to drive performance based on numbers and seeing what the team needs to focus on to continue to grow

team building

working together, collaborating, and always willing to help each other out

evaluation of potential candidates

classroom training and hands on training on how to evaluate talent and seeing if they would be able to succeed in a fast paced environment

driving team performance

understanding the importance of leading by example and applying different motivation techniques

goal setting and tracking

goal setting strategies for individuals and teams, tracking results and performance, and how to implement accountability


arranging calls and attending conferences to meet and learn from leaders in the industry

All learning opportunities are conducted in a manner specific to the individual to maximize their potential and begin with entry-level responsibilities. Yellow Jade Acquisitions is an equal opportunity employer.

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